About Us

Guided by the United Nations principles, we work to strengthen the UN by working with people who share a global mindset. Currently we are fully committed to the advocacy of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also work with various Government Ministries in making sure that the citizens are involved in the decision making processes.

ZUNA operates under three pillars of the United Nations:

The UN days that are in line with human rights include the International Human Rights Day and 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.

In line with one of the UN main aims and principles, ZUNA has also played a role in planting the seed of peace in Zimbabwe amongst youths and all of the Zimbabwean population. Recently ZUNA commemorated International Day of Peace under the main theme “The Peoples Right of Peace” with the sub-theme being “Peace, Youth and Sustainable Development”. During the commemorations, the people were taught on peace, how to maintain the peace we have in Zimbabwe as well as the different views on peace from diverse perspectives be they religious or educational. ZUNA also works with the Organ for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration, NANGO, Universal Peace Federation and other CSOs.

ZUNA ‘s work in sustainable development focuses on the Millennium Development Goals and the Post-2015 Development Agenda. The goal is to build the capacity of youth to discuss and adopt Post-2015 Development Framework by involving the youth in project initiation and management, capacity building workshops and Model UN simulation amongst other activities.

Our Mission

To recognize the purposes of the United Nations and to be the center for harmonizing

peoples and nations in achieving developmental sustainability.

Our Vision

To be a vibrant peoples’ movement for ensuring active participation in sustainable development initiatives.

Organisational History

Zimbabwe United Nations Association (ZUNA) was established in 1994. The organization was officially registered in 2010 as a trust (MA562/2010). Since then, ZUNA has been operating in more than 40 High Schools and 9 universities. These are the direct beneficiaries of the ZUNA, although membership is open to all Zimbabweans. The indirect beneficiaries are all Zimbabweans and those interested in UN issues.

An affiliate of WFUNA